The Memory Box Project

The Memory Box Project

The Memory Box Project is a new & exciting reminiscence project with the aims to engage, support & share memories with people living with Dementia in Hampshire.

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund and co-ordinated by the Wessex Heritage Trust, the Memory Box Project encourages people living with dementia to reflect and remember their younger days.

Big Lottery Fund

The project started in February 2016, and currently 24 memory boxes have been created on the themes:

  • Home and Garden
  • Sport
  • TV & Film
  • Music & Dance
  • Toys
  • Transport
  • Christmas
  • Schooldays & Sundays
  • Seaside & Holidays
  • Shops & Shopping
  • Food & Cooking
  • Work

Each box contains approximately 20 items with antiques, vintage and replica items included, smell boxes, sounds and fact sheets.

During Memory box sessions, we use a variety of tools to stimulate four of the five senses, touch, sight, hearing and smell to evoke memories of the past for all participating.

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  • memory-box-project-items
  • memory-box-project-stall
  • memory-box-project-sample-items

This project is unique as it is a reminiscence service offered free to organisations and the public, and each box can be tailored to individual sites with the history and local memories of the area. We currently visit 4 hospital sites at Basingstoke, Winchester, Andover and Southampton with regular sessions being held in these venues. The project has spread this year into care homes, community groups, memory cafes and libraries. We are very happy to accommodate a variety of venues and would love to hear from you if you have a group you feel would benefit.

We are also able to provide boxes to care homes for you to run your own sessions, and only require you to part take in a how to use presentation and gain some feedback after you have held sessions. Delivery and pick up will be arranged. This offer is subject to availability.

User feedback

’Very professional and well organised. Always varied.’’
“Things to touch were very popular. All items make things come alive”
“hand outs and pictures are good, real items are even better “
Emma Cameron, Viables Memory Club.
‘’My group really did enjoy it, thank you to you & your volunteers for sparing the time to visit us. One chap said last week that we have Sarah coming in again soon, so he’s looking forward to it. ‘’
Helen Orr, Age Concern volunteer

Contact and Further Information

We are looking for people and organisations to become involved with the project by volunteering their time, knowledge and by donating any items, stories or images they feel would benefit the project.

Please visit our Facebook Page

Basingstoke Gazette Article on the Memory Box ProjectClick here to read an article on the Memory Box Project, published in the Basingstoke Gazette.

View the Memory Box page on the Hampshire Hospitals website

For enquiries in Southampton please contact Heather Parkinson:

And for Basingstoke please contact Sarah Pinnell:

Project phone number: 07596 183472

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