Welcome to the Wessex Heritage Trust

The Wessex Heritage Trust (WHT) is a not for profit, self-funding charitable organisation which works with people of all ages to help them overcome personal disadvantage by engagement with their cultural heritage. The region of the Wessex Heritage Trust is Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and parts of Berkshire, Somerset and Devon. To find out more about our current and past projects, please visit the projects section of our website.

What we do

The Wessex Heritage Trust is a stand alone, self-funding, not for profit charitable
trust. Our declared aims are;

  • To increase access for all ages and abilities to the region’s providers of culture and heritage.

  • To provide opportunities of engagement to traditional non-users.

  • To engage disadvantaged groups within the community with culture and heritage.

  • Create collaborative partnerships with other organisations that have similar objectives.

The Wessex Heritage Trust has a successful track record of attracting funding,donations and corporate sponsorship to enable innovative projects and events to be developed, which offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses and individuals to make a long-term difference. Visit the ‘Get involved’ section of our website, or contact us today to find out how you can become one of our supporters. Keep up to date with our latest news, developments and achievements by following us on social media, or keeping up to date with our latest blog posts, available on our website. 


Latest Blog Posts.




The EDGE Project


Memory Box Project


This three day event (the biggest of its kind in the South East of England) offers great opportunities for corporate sponsorship, attracting over 10,000 web site hits and 8,000 attendees to the festival. 

The EDGE Project encourages young people aged 14-24 to enhance learning and skills. As well as having a strong passion to reach those who are disengaged, all members and participants develop skills through community projects, work experience and awards programmes. 

The Memory Box Project is a new & exciting reminiscence project with the aims to engage, support & share memories with people living with Dementia in Hampshire. 

Funders & Partners