LGBT+ and living with dementia

As some of you may be aware we recently did a call out on social media for anyone who is, knows, or cares for someone who is LGBT+ and has dementia and/or memory problems.

 We are in the process of developing and apply for funding for a new project for people who are LGBT+ and living with dementia, and although we can’t give out any specific details at this stage, we thought we would share some interesting resources we have come across in case they are helpful to anybody in the meantime.

 The Alzheimer’s society have a number of electronic resources on their page outlining some of the difficulties people who are LGBT+ with dementia may experience. All of the documents are available through this link.

 ‘A Guide to Pride’ is a guide for anyone working with LGBT+ people with dementia that want to get involved with local pride events. Some of the guidance is specific to Scotland but still give some very useful hints and tips for giving person centred care for LGBT+ people. Following the same link below there is also the ‘Forget us Not’ community discussion about the needs and right of LGBT+ people affected by dementia. Both of these resources are available here.

Age UK produced a resource pack for professionals to meet the needs of older LGBT+ people using Health and Social Care services. ‘Safe to be me’ is an excellent resource for understanding LGBT+ rights in care.

 The Care Quality Commission (CQC) also produced a guidance document ‘A different ending, Addressing inequalities in end of life care’. Many professionals may already be aware of this guidance, but it may also be helpful to families and carers looking for some insight into LBGT+ end of life care.

 We hope some of this information is helpful and benefits anybody affected by dementia in the community. We are still very interested in talking to anyone who identifies as LGBT+ and has dementia or their carers or families. Please contact to talk about your views, experiences and opinions on this subject and our developing plans.



Erin McMurtry